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Please fill out the online application completely.  Each applicant will be asked to supply copies of their last two current pay stubs, driver’s license and proof of Identity (social security card).

Once your application has been submitted please email your proof of income, identification, and photo ID to the properties email address


For more questions regarding the application process please see our FAQ’s Page

(You may also download the resident application, print and email it to the property manager.

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Applicant Information

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Other Income

(Disability, child support, government assistance, etc.)


Other Occupants

Please note: All occupants must be listed on the lease in order to be authorized to reside in the community. Having unauthorized occupants is a violation of the lease and the rules.

Closest Relative (not living with you)

Vehicle Information:

All vehicles must have tag, insurance, and must be drivable.

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Vicious breeds are not allowed. Include a copy of current vacinations with application.

All pets must be approved.

Law Enforcement Consent Form

I declare that I have never been convicted of a felony. I hereby authorize the police and/or sheriff’s department to give the representatives of Amercican Park Services any information that it might request to determine my fitness as a prospective client. I also understand that any false information I may have given, written or oral, will be sufficient cause for rejection of services from APS-LLC.


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By submitting this Application/Rental Agreement, the Applicant and Co-Applicant are agreeing to the following:

It is a policy of APS-LLC that all payments to reserve a lot from APS-LLC are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  1. A home being moved into any of our Mobile Home Parks must be accepted and approved by Management prior to delivery.
  2. When, and if, this Application is accepted, other documents, including Lease, must be signed prior to moving into the community.
  3. If information provided on the various Applications is found to be false, we reserve the right to immediately evict and/or have your home removed from the park.
  4. I hereby authorize Landlord/Agent to verify the validity of all the above information, and to inquire now or periodically with my employers, current or former landlords, financial institutions, personal references, and any of the credit reporting bureaus available to him. I agree to supply any additional information needed by Landlord/Agent to process this application and I acknowledge that my deposit will be forfeit if I do not comply with any such request. I agree that my application fee is non-refundable.